Specialising in automotive, sporting and landscape photography

Mille Miglia

In May 2013 I managed to obtain media accreditation to shoot the modern edition of the Mille Miglia. In its current incarnation, 375 vehicles from 1927 to 1957, the years that the Mille Miglia was a 1000 mile race around Italy, compete in a 4 day event covering many of the same roads as the original 1000 mile course.

I covered the start in Brescia, including the pre event scrutineering and public display, and got to the Passo della Futa to capture the cars heading over the pass. A highlight for me was being with the Italian Paparazzi and capturing  Gina Lollobrigida in the passenger seat of Horacio Pagani’s latest Huayra.

I also made it too the the Ville d’Este Concourse and the Cite de l’Automibile, Musee National (also known as the Schlumph Collection) in Mulhouse, France, so I’ve added some of those images here too.

Some of these images have been printed onto canvas and will be available as Limited Edition prints. The first few samples have been printed and they really do look amazing. Stay tuned to see when and where they will be displayed, or if there’s something you see here that you’d like to order, my details are on the Contact/About page.


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