Specialising in automotive, sporting and landscape photography

Rolling Ideas

Rolling Ideas is a vehicle locating service for the advertising, design and photographic industries. 

If you are looking for a vintage, veteran, classic, commercial, sport, model, horse-drawn, train, plane, bicycle, boat or any other unusual style vehicle, we have extensive experience in locating it for you. Just ask us. Between us we have over 20 classic sports cars as well as dozens of bicycles and even a motorcycle or two.

We have a vast catalogue of vehicles at our immediate disposal, some of which are shown in the gallery below, while others can be sourced and delivered to a location of your choice.

Of course each job is unique. Our rates are dependent on the vehicle, duration, location, and service combination chosen. We will negotiate a best price for all parties to complete your job.

Check out our facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/rollingideas

We’re also setting up an eBay store to sell off some of the many spare parts and bits and pieces acquired over the years. If you’re looking for bits and pieces to finish off that MGB or Triumph TR4, keep an eye out. I’ll add the link here shortly.



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